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I regret to inform our sweet Sonny was humanely euthanized on December 29, 2007 due to a pasture injury.
We only had him a short time but we miss him deeply.

2007 July 02      [CAN]_____      [USA]_______
Smoky Black

Sire: Sonrise of DM
Dam: Scor-Mor Classic Lee


Well, here he is! Another colt, this one smokey black. Sonny has curls all over and a white left rear pastern. On his first day he stood out in a rainstorm and was learning to navigate mud puddles, we also saw him cantering around behind his mama. Sonny loves to race around at top speed, but is quiet when people approach him. He is well mannered and curious, just a joy to have around! The mix of Flyhawk and Lippitt should produce a typey horse that would be well suited to western work. We have also seen him trotting around with his tail up like his mama, so perhaps he could make and English Pleasure prospect as well.

While Sonny's breeding is not Foundation, his pedigree is a wonderful combination of old Morgan bloodlines. His pedigree is predominantly Lippit and also includes Speedfield, Jubilee King, Red Correll and numerous lines to Flyhawk through The Brown Falcon on his sireline and double Chingadero on his topside as well.


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