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2009 May 03      [CAN]16340      [USA]_______
Chestnut      Coat Color DNA: e/e

Sire: Bar L T B Tiger
Dam: Bar L T Molly II


Clyde is our second foal of 2009, we purchased his dam from a dispersal sale in Alberta and she was bred at that time. This is a repeat of M2's 08 foal, Bar LT Justamere Lady shown elsewhere on this website. Clyde's sire and dam are both dark chestnut, with his sire being flaxen as well so we expect this boy to end up dark with a possible flaxen mane and tail. He sports two front white pasterns and a hind three-quarters white stocking as well as a wide stripe down his face which are probably the result of the sabino gene. Clyde is showing a nice, long slow lope that would be well suited to Western Pleasure pursuits and he has lots of chrome so he should mature to be a flashy boy! He could be a sire for those looking to add a little chrome to their herd, but if he hangs around a while we will geld him and he will make a flashy mount for someone!

His sire (Bar L T B Tiger) is not quite Foundation, but he has a nice short back, lots of bone and is very typey. He also adds more Red Correll through Drumlin Rebel, Oak Acres Polly and Justamere JB Lucy so Clyde's pedigree repeats the same horses on both the top and bottom for a nice balance. He is the result of 4 generations of one breeding program. Clyde's dam is very quiet and Clyde seems to be like her in temperament, so he should mature to be a laid back horse. He also looks like he will mature to a good size, perhaps 15H but we will check his cannon measurement to try estimate better.

Clyde's pedigree combines Linsley, Will Rogers, Romanesque, Winterset, Dude and a little Billy Herod (a Herod son).


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