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2009 May 11      [CAN]16342      [USA]_______
Bay      Coat Color DNA:

Sire: BDM Lords Reflection
Dam: BDM Black Correll


What a sweet little filly this girl is! Cora is from one of my best and favourite and mares and her sire repeats a number of the horses found on her dam's side to make this little girls pedigree a wealth of old blood. Cora is bred to be a western working horse and we are excited to see how she develops. Her sire is a lovely driver and so this girl should excel at that vocation as well. While reason would probably suggest that I sell little Cora, I have to admit that I am enchanted with her pedigree and the conformation of both her sire and dam, which leaves me loath to consider parting with her. She will probably finish around the 14.2HH mark, and I expect her to be dark bay like her sire (pictured on this page). We will be watching our little Cora eagerly to see how she develops, I would expect a beautiful curvey topline, wonderful shoulder and neck, and a great quarter!

Cora has many wonderful old horses in her pedigree, including a tail male line to Jubilee King, multiple lines to Red Correll, Linsley, Winterset, and more lines to Herod through Captain Jack among others. She also adds a line to Bulrush through Red Flash.


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