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2009 --- --      [CAN]-----      [USA]0------
14.1+ H      850lbs

Sire: Westrek Arnett
Dam: Bridlesweet Duffy


This young filly is very similarly bred as Mythos Welcome and Mythos Dignity, just a beautiful old pedigree full of wonderful old Morgan blood. Harmony will be trained to saddle and eventually moved to our breeding program.
Harmony is a spirited filly that loves to buck and gallop around her pasture, often chasing the dogs for the fun of seeing them run. She and Mythos Dignity have settled into life here well and we look forward to getting both fillies started under saddle in the future. Harmony has quick acceleration and lots of energy which could work well under Western saddle, I could not be happier with this young mare. She is truly full of life, but settles down well and is easily handled in-hand. She has a medium length back and good balance with lightness on the forehand which she shows by rearing often during her play time, she is a pleasure to watch in the pasture playing with her mates.

Harmony's breeding is 100% Foundation and is a wonderful combination of old Morgan bloodlines seldom seen in this concentration today. Her pedigree includes multiple lines to Archie O, Ben Franklin, King Herod, and of course Sherman Morgan through Daniel Lambert and other lines, who sired many fine trotting horses in his day.

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