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2002 May 13      [CAN]13065      [USA]-------
Liver Chestnut
14.3 H

Sire: BDM Gaylord's Image
Dam: BDM Bettinas Mortana Babe


You can certainly see that I am impressed with the horses from this breeder, this is another mare in a package of three mares that I obtained from Bar Diamond Ranch. Monte combines the best in the pedigrees of the other 2 mares and adds a little something new through her dam's sire, Mortana Jason from Jackson Morgan Ranch. Again, her pedigree contains a long list of horses that were used daily for ranching and so we expect her to show the cow sense and work ethic that her ancestors had. Monte has not had a lot of training to date, but we are considering breaking her to ride and maybe my riding instructor will finally get me chasing some cattle yet!
Monte has many wonderful old horses in her pedigree, including a tail male line to Jubilee King, Sun Dust, multiple lines to Red Correll (2 times on her 4 generation pedigree through the same mare, Bettina Correll), Linsley, Winterset, and more lines to Herod through Captain Jack among others. She also adds a line to Bulrush through Red Flash on her dam side.

Many thanks to Wade & Sherry Wilbraham (Bar Diamond Ranch) of Alameda, SK for giving us the opportunity to add this girl to our broodmare herd!

Monte gave us our very first filly, a darling chestnut with a huge blaze on May 06, 2009. Check out our sweet new girls page HERE

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