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2009 May 09      [CAN]16354      [USA]_______
Palomino      Coat Color DNA: e/e A/a N/Cr N/SW1
15.1 H

Sire: Old Ways Bimbeau
Dam: Two-C Tuffy Correll


After losing our Kristofer-Nugget we decided to take two mares to breed to a stallion with similar lines to Kris in order to add some more Archie O lines for future crossing with our Nugget line. We were hoping for two fillies, but instead we have two lovely colts! We are pleased with Chipper so far and will be watching him to see if he has what it takes to be a future herd sire. Currently we are just pleased with our new palomino colt and will be watching his development closely. His sire and dam are both over 15HH, so we would expect this cute boy to finish around that height as well.

Chipper carries one agouti gene, one cream gene and one splash white gene which means he can produce black, bay, chestnut, palomino, buckskin and smokey black when bred to non dilute (black, bay, chestnut) mares. He can also pass on the splash white gene.

Chipper is concentrated Archie O and Rose Bay (full sister to Archie O) on his sire side and is double Yellow Cat on the dam side. He adds more lines to Red Correll through Miss Rockwood and Rockwood Queen, and has additional lines to Herod through Prince De Jarnette, Congo, Trinandee, Ching Free and Misma, plus multiple lines to the great Jubilee King (the Justin Morgan of his time). He traces back to at least three well known Justin Morgan sons Sherman, Bulrush and Woodbury.


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