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I regret to inform of the passing of Kristofer-Nugget on December 19, 2007.
We only had him a short time but we miss him deeply.

1984 May 09 - 2007 December 19      [CAN] 15471      [USA] 95459
Chestnut with Flaxen streaks in mane and tail

Sire: Miracle Mike
Dam: Kristy Nugget


When I first heard about Kristofer-Nugget my thought was "I don't need a stallion". I revisited his pedigree many times over the ensuing months and after much consideration I decided that this stallion would be a wonderful cross on not only my Foundation mares, but on all my broodmares. Kris has a sire line to Archie O, plus has an incredible amount of Herod/Winterset breeding from other sources, also with a rare close line to Ben Franklin, plus lots of Linsley, Donbelle, and Red Correll through Yellow Gold. Both Red Correll and Archie O go back to Herod many times, so crossing their bloodlines will concentrate the Herod blood.

Kris is best described as the colour of polished copper with a dark red mane and tail with pencil lines of flaxen on the underside. His previous owner described him thus: "He produces old type horses. You can see his conformation is straight out of the 50s-60s books. His foals are easy to train and sweet tempered, they have good shoulders and hips, 4-square and heads in the clouds. Kris also passes on the frosted mane and tail to most chestnuts. Everyone thinks he's tall - but actually a 14.2 dynamo. Legs like cedar posts they say."

I am very thankful to have had such a lovely old style stallion for the cornerstone of our breeding program. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of his only Canadian foal.


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