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2009 --- --      [CAN] -----      [USA] _______
14.1H      750lbs

Sire: Westrek Arnett
Dam: Bridlesweet Diandra


'Welcome' comes to us from the Old English, wilcuma, which means, "Your arrival is in alignment with our choice." This colt was the result of a carefully planned breeding and his arrival was much anticipated by the breeder, Jacqueline Ross of Mythos Morgans in Wisconsin. He was everything she had hoped he would be but when she decided to disperse most of her herd she graciously allowed me to purchase this colt as we both felt he would be a good cross with the bloodlines in my mares.
I first heard of Welcome's sire Westrek Arnett when he was obtained by Mythos Morgans from his breeder, Arnett had only one registered offspring at that time and he was a 20 year old stallion with a scarce line to Archie O through Archie T. I was very impressed by the photos and video of Arnett and hoped to one day have a daughter of his to cross with DoubleZ Precious Nugget to carry on those two lines to Archie O, never thinking I may have the opportunity to own such a well bred son of Arnett as Welcome. Welcome has multiple lines to Jubilee De Jarnette which will match well with my BDM mares. His pedigree concentrates Daniel Lambert, who was an incredible athlete in his day and sired many athletic offspring.
Welcome shows good athleticism at this age, his trot is smooth and well balanced showing his ability to engage his hind quarters. He has a long stretching gait which will be able to cover a lot of ground with little effort, we are looking forward to getting him under saddle and hopefully also trained to drive. I have been told that Meadowood Don Juan is much appreciated in the pedigree of driving horses, and he is Welcome's maternal grandsire so driving should be in this young stallion's future! He has lots of bone and is easily approached and well mannered, he has the pretty blocky head and large eye of some of the best Morgans in his pedigree. His back is of medium length and he has a nice depth of hip which bodes well for athleticism as well and he has a laid back shoulder which will help keep him light on the forehand.

Welcome's breeding is 100% Foundation and is a wonderful combination of old Morgan bloodlines. His pedigree includes multiple lines to Archie O, Ben Franklin, King Herod, and of course Sherman Morgan through Daniel Lambert and other lines, who sired many fine trotting horses in his day.

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