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relative newcomer to Morgans, I have been 'into' horses as long as I can remember. I got my first Morgan gelding in 1985 and it was almost 20 years later before my husband & I purchased an acreage just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and in 2004 we purchased our first mare.

My husband has always been an admirer of colored horses (buckskin & palomino mostly) and I have loved Morgans since my gelding. After looking at a lot of images of Morgans, we realized that we are admirers of the traditional, old style Morgan and for that reason as we began looking at mares to purchase for breeding, the concepts of the Foundation Morgan Horse Society appealed to us.

All of our stallions qualify as Foundation, and while not all our mares are 100% Foundation they all embody the type of Morgan we so admire.  By crossing the bloodlines of Archie O and Red Correll we will be concentrating the very old Herod line in all our foals and preserving that particular family of Morgans.

Don't let our location deter you -- we will try to help arrange shipping for the horses to the U.S. and here in Canada as well.

Call us anytime ~ we love to talk Morgans!

Introducing the following horses!
Mythos Welcome
Mythos Dignity
Mythos Harmony
DoubleZ Jewel's Heir
DoubleZ Golden Victory

Welcome home from training!
Sable Molly Darling

Proudly offering the following horses for sale:
In Him Midnite Dream
PTF Prairie Lily
Sable Molly Darling
Heidecker Correl's Eclipse
See our Sales List for more information.

Sold! Congratulations to the new owners!
In Him Taheala Breeze

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